Monday, December 25, 2017

Episode 25 : Legacy of a Dream

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(In Hell)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 25 : Legacy of a Dream

Entering into the 7th Hell, Skull Kaiser notes that countless thousands are being subjected to humiliating tortures and taking savage beatings. The Kaiser Bones explain to Skull Kaiser that, in this hell, the Proud are punished for their sins in life and that this realm is presided over by Lord Horse, who is stronger, faster, and more skilled than Lord Ox. Skull Kaiser inquires about how the Kaiser Bones are so knowledgeable and they explain that wherever they are, the bones are tied to the dead heroes of that realm. All souls have echoes which populate all worlds. All these echoes retain some vital baseline characteristic which remains true and constant throughout all creation. Thus, the Voice of a Hundred Heroes can be heard anywhere, though it may differ subtly from world to world.

As Skull Kaiser moves along, he's spotted by some demon attendants of Lord Horse, they immediately fall on him and try to inflict various humiliations on him. He is polite in his refusal and tells them he's been charged by Lord Enma to challenge all the gatekeepers to combat. If Lord Horse's attendants can beat him, then he will be forced to submit, of course, but otherwise, he will see Lord Horse. They accuse him of being extremely proud and tell him how they're going to make him suffer. Skull Kaiser tells them they've mistaken purpose for pride, but that he'll only submit when he's been made to.

We cut to Samhain's court, where there is squabbling going on between members of the Darkness Squad. All the generals are in attendance except for Jeder Man whose face is up on a view screen. Samhain shouts for silence and tells Jeder Man that more troops will be sent immediately to his Jump Deck and that he should expect Bone Reaper to accompany him soon. Dust Pharaoh speaks up and addresses Samhain, saying that he will not take orders from Titan Foiler. Titan Foiler shouts over him, saying he'll do what he's ordered to. Dust Pharaoh turns and leaves the room saying he'll do what he pleases. Titan Foiler is incensed and gets no support from Samhain. He glances at each of the Darkness Squad members: Kali Dharma bows her head in shame; Phantasma King, whose face we see for the first time, looks away in disgust; only Schatten Messer appears to respect him. Everybody seems unsure and shaken. Only Gear Binder is calm and collected like the machine he is. He comments on the lamentable effect of the shared dream they've had; that Skull Kaiser has managed to crush their morale even after his death. What kind of power is that, he demands to know. Samhain chuckles and says that it's really no power at all, and that this enmity will pass soon enough. They are close now to actually infiltrating the Loss Tower and they cannot overlook that.

We cut to Champagne's chamber where Agrippa and Merlot are bowing before their queen. Merlot is giving her report, confirming the effects of Skull Kaiser's dream on Samhain's main force. Champagne, smiles and turns to Agrippa, telling him that, indeed, Skull Kaiser has been a great ally and his work is not finished. Agrippa agrees in somewhat disturbed confusion.

We cut back to Skull Kaiser who is holding his own against a throng of demon attendants until their fight is stopped by a loud echoing voice. The surroundings warp and fade and the lot of them appear on a raised dais before Lord Horse who shouts out, "Who indeed is guilty of Pride?!" and the episode ends.

To Be Continued...

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