Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Episode 19 : Phantasma King, You'll Not be Forgotten!

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(Halloween Empire)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 19 : Phantasma King, You'll Not be Forgotten!

Skull Kaiser is asleep in a makeshift camp as Phantasma King keeps watch. Phantasma King does a little monologue recounting their progress. He's pleased with his decision to follow the Loss Queen and aid Skull Kaiser. The only thing that bothers him slightly is that he is probably disappointing his teacher, Dust Pharaoh. This is something that cannot be helped and he accepts it as best he can for now. Perhaps in the future, Dust Pharaoh can be won over to their cause as well. Caught up in his reverie, Phantasma King turns around and is befuddled finding himself face to face with Titan Foiler. Titan Foiler takes full advantage of his non-action and, calling him a traitor, lances Phantasma King right through the Whirl Plate. Phantasma King staggers backwards uttering confused gibberish clutching his stomach. He falls backwards and the pierced Whirl Plate explodes. Titan Foiler is livid at Kali Dharma's death and he rants for a bit as Skull Kaiser, now awake and unseen by Titan Foiler, takes in the scene and listens to Titan Foiler's speech. Skull Kaiser is twice as mad as Titan Foiler because it's clear that Titan Foiler killed Phantasma King in cold blood. Skull Kaiser calls attention to himself, they exchange some heated words and a fight ensues. They wound each other variously but Skull Kaiser finally uses the 2nd level Ghost Kaiser attack which appears to overwhelm (short circuit?) the Titan Star. With his back to Titan Foiler, Skull Kaiser tells him to leave unless Titan Foiler wants to be shown the same kind of ruthless treatment Phantasma King received. Titan Foiler is unsure of what to do. Skull Kaiser shouts with tear-filled fury and Titan Foiler finally limps away. We cut to Titan Foiler in his chamber after the Titan Star is repaired/healed. Dust Pharaoh enters and Titan Foiler assigns him to kill Skull Kaiser. Dust Pharaoh is amused by the request and is preoccupied with Phantasma King's death. They have an argument, in which Dust Pharaoh points out that Kali Dharma was sent on a mission and died fighting. Phantasma King was clearly outclassed but didn't even have the opportunity to fight back. Titan Foiler threatens Dust Pharaoh, but Dust Pharaoh is clearly a match for him, easily evading his Titan Lance and striking him in the stomach with a thumb punch—the Interstitial Strut! Dust Pharaoh voices his disgust and walks out.

To Be Continued...

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