Thursday, December 7, 2017

Episode 07 : Corpse General Jeder Man

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(Halloween Empire)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 07 : Corpse General Jeder Man

Jeder Man stands before his burning Jump Deck cursing Skull Kaiser—he recognizes the power of the flames that destroyed both Jump Decks as belonging to Gran Mid, who only obeys Skull Kaiser's orders. Jeder Man shouts to some of his soldiers to stay clear of the flames as some attempt to go about their tasks at the Jump Deck as if it weren't a conflagration. Samhain's image appears on the damaged video screen nearby and he demands to know what's going on. Jeder Man does his best to explain while maintaining decorum. Truth is, he doesn't know what's going on exactly. He tells Samhain that he will mobilize immediately for the Skeleton Territory, assess the situation, and take care of it whatever it is. Jeder Man moves off barking out orders to his troops who fall into line silently and somewhat slowly. He mounts Gran Pham, his giant zombie war elephant, and issues the order to move out. Jeder Man wonders what could have happened to Skull Kaiser; has he turned against Samhain? He remembers how Skull Kaiser had defeated each of the Loss Queen's generals, most notably Aurelius, whose totem was the bee, and Pompeii, whose totem was the stag beetle. He frowns, disliking the possibility of having to fight such a monstrous opponent, but then vows that if Skull Kaiser has defected, he won't let him live. We cut to Skull Kaiser riding atop Gran Mid's head. His voice-over tells us that at the very least the next working Jump Deck is a long way off in the Puppet General's territory. All he has to do for the time being is head off Jeder Man who is sure to be on his way. He laughs to himself, thanking the powers that be for Gran Mid, whose fire will certainly prove to be the bane of Jeder Man's army.

To Be Continued...

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