Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Episode 13 : The Dark House on the Hill

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(Halloween Empire)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 13 : The Dark House on the Hill

Skull Kaiser wakes up with a headache from his fight with Phantasma King. Something doesn't seem right to him. He doesn't see Gran Mid or Phantasma King anywhere. The dark sky is flickering with lightning as thunder sounds. One of the lightning flashes illuminates an angular mansion at the top of a rocky hill. He's very confused since this world has been conquered—there shouldn't be any signs of civilization except that of Samhain. He sets out to investigate. He reaches the house, tries the door, and steps in. The door shuts behind him and, once inside, the light increases somewhat, but Skull Kaiser is no longer wearing the Kaiser Bones, but a straight jacket! (This is, in fact, the last time we see his face until the final episode of the first season.) Standing all around are a number of figures wearing white coats and they all seem rather familiar and that's because they all look exactly like Champagne's generals! Standing behind them is Champagne herself wearing glasses and with her hair up. Skull Kaiser is very confused. One of the doctors, the one who looks like Agrippa, says something like, "There you are," and goes on about how it's amazing that Dr. Shields has been able to make such strides with this patient. There is talk that his violent episodes have turned from the doctors to the other patients and he's become fixated on one Mr. Gordon. Dr. Shields (Champagne) gently ushers him back into the hospital and as they walk down a dim corridor, the baleful eyes of the other inmates are on them. Skull Kaiser makes various associations, seeing all of Samhain's generals and members of the Darkness Squad in the patients. He tries to tell Dr. Shields how dangerous it is for her here and he starts struggling against the grip of his straight jacket. She takes him to his room and tells him to hush as she gives him an injection, after which, he blacks out. He wakes up in the darkness of his padded room to a loud noise. His door is wide open and dim light from the hall streams in. He cautiously exits his room and proceeds down the hall. The place seems deserted until he reaches the room he first came in. Here there are a number of patients with their backs to him and all the doctors are on the floor and there's blood. Hovering over a dead Dr. Shields is a crazed looking man with a very sharp smile. Somehow Skull Kaiser knows immediately that this is Mr. Gordon and he reminds him unfailingly of Samhain. Mr. Gordon looks up as Skull Kaiser enters and begins to laugh at him. All the other patients turn and start to move menacingly towards Skull Kaiser who is forced to put up a limited fight with his legs alone as the other patients have their arms free. He decides that a retreat might be better and turns to flee. He passes some rooms and catches fleeting glimpses of strangeness until he crashes into someone at the end of the hall. He looks to see who it is and what he sees startles him: A golden, glowing lion figure whose eyes alone stop him cold. Skull Kaiser shakes his head clear and looks again. An unfamiliar patient, also wearing a straight jacket, stands before him with a pleasant smile. His name is Strauss. Strauss tells Skull Kaiser that he doesn't belong here, that he has more to do, and offers to show him the way out. Skull Kaiser is just confused so goes along with him and finally finds his way out of the hospital. He finds himself wearing the Kaiser Bones again wandering down the hill. He looks behind him for the mansion, but it's gone now. He walks back down toward Phantasma King, who is still lying on the ground, as the episode closes.

To Be Continued...

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