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Episode 44 : Please Wait! I'm On My Way!

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(In Hell)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 44 : Please Wait! I'm On My Way!

The episode opens with Skull Kaiser standing opposite Heiliger on a new fighting ring. Behind Heiliger we see the massive Sword Tree, it's as big as a skyscraper and it's composed entirely of swords suspended in the air (and mobile). Heiliger commends Skull Kaiser on his progress and identifies himself as the final gatekeeper. Skull Kaiser is momentarily surprised, but then realizes that he shouldn't be. Heiliger tells Skull Kaiser that he's never truly been guilty of wickedness which is what he punishes here. He is guilty of horrible crimes, but it was more a product of his profession and what led to it than any intrinsic evil. We get a little montage of what happens to the wicked when they try to pass the Sword Tree and see that, even if they make progress through the Tree, eventually the swords pierce them. For the particularly strong, Heiliger must step in. Though Skull Kaiser isn't really wicked, they still have to fight. With that, Heiliger immediately shoots Skull Kaiser with the Bright Cannon, (a wide shaft of pure light as big around as, and that shoots from, his head) hitting him square in the face and sending him literally head over heals. Skull Kaiser rises, rubbing his helmeted face and chuckles.

We cut to Samhain who bows extravagantly to Champagne. He tells her that soon she'll be able to retire and live a life of leisure. She scoffs and insists that this Tower is hers and he'll never possess it. With a look from Samhain, Pythagoras begins powering up the Singularity Punch. Again, Champagne scoffs and says that she's aware of this one's power, but she's unconcerned. Pythagoras is incredulous and lists off countless atrocities he's committed and how he's crushed enemies far less delicate than her. She rises into the air, her eyes become blue lights, and she begins exhaling a deafening wail. As she rises, she spins 360 degrees an her colors change to gray and black, her butterfly wings, too, readjust to appear to be those of a moth. Now on the back of her wings we can clearly see the markings of a death's head. Once turned all the way back around, she looks primal and even a little wicked. She holds out her right palm and cries out, "Ghost Light Finale!". A searing beam of blue light shoots out to meet Pythagoras's Singularity Punch. But, wherever the beam touches the air, there appears to be something akin to a nuclear reaction until the whole, vast chamber is alight with massive explosions.

We cut back to Skull Kaiser and Heiliger, now engaged in melee. Heiliger is only using his arms to block and attacking with kicks. The two seem pretty evenly matched and Skull Kaiser wonders why he seems able to anticipate Heiliger's moves. He believes that if he weren't able to do so, that the fight would be decidedly more one-sided. As if reading his mind, Heiliger asks him if he hasn't guessed the reason yet and he reminds Skull Kaiser that, while rare, soul echoes exist everywhere. They continue fighting and Heiliger kicks Skull Kaiser far enough away so that he can use his Bright Cannon. Skull Kaiser negates each shot of the Bright Cannon with the Kaiser Beam until Heiliger decides to step things up. He tells Skull Kaiser to prepare for his most powerful technique, the Seiryoku Tensou! Heiliger holds his hands out before him, almost as if he's preparing for the Kaiser Claw! He brings his hands forcefully to one side, twisting them just like the Kaiser Claw, and Skull Kaiser feels his neck wanting to snap. In an instant, he realizes that this attack is, indeed, just like the Kaiser Claw only Heiliger doesn't need to make contact. Skull Kaiser realizes that he must go with the force of the attack and is able to ease the pressure off his neck. He is hurtling towards Heiliger like a leaf on the wind and along the way, he gains control of himself and performs the Ghost Kaiser.

Skull Kaiser lands and almost immediately, the image of Lord Enma appears before him, congratulating him on a job well-done. Heiliger stirs and stands up in the background. Lord Enma continues and tells Skull Kaiser that he is no longer fettered by life and death, but those are things that are kept in check by the safety of the Loss Tower. He'll have to hurry. Heiliger wishes him well and Skull Kaiser flies off (!) safely navigating through the Sword Tree.

We cut back to the blasted foyer of the Loss Tower. Part of Samhain's face is broken in, Luft Schloss is holding her shoulder and bleeding from a number of cuts, Pythagoras reattaches his severed right arm and flexes those fingers, i alone appears unhurt. Samhain thanks i for his protection. The passage leading further into the Loss Tower is completely melted over and they all marvel at that. Samhain suddenly becomes aware of Skull Kaiser's freedom from Hell and tells i and Luft Schloss to make ready as they'd planned. Pythagoras laughs and the episode closes.

Season 2 : END

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