Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Episode 33 : Black Hole Incarnate! Pythagoras!

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(In Hell)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 33 : Black Hole Incarnate! Pythagoras!

The episode opens with Skull Kaiser being re-introduced to Aurelius, Pompeii, and Drusus who are ushered in by faceless attendants. Heiliger is here and will act as a referee of sorts. They are in a large coliseum where many of Skull Kaiser's victims throughout his long career sit and eagerly await the outcome. Skull Kaiser feels a bit overwhelmed and Heiliger apologizes, offering only that Chuugun overstepped his bounds in his position in arranging the particulars of this petition. Skull Kaiser nods and brightens, saying that this will be an opportunity to show that he has changed and that perhaps all his victims can do the same with their opinions of him.

Skull Kaiser addresses the crowd, offering an apology for opposing/killing them in the past, but that he always fought fairly. There is no deception in him as proven by Rutsubo's test, and he wants nothing more than to make amends for the sins of his past.

Among Champagne's former generals, Drusus spits in disgust, then tells Aurelius to destroy Skull Kaiser. Aurelius steps forward almost reluctantly—he seems to have been moved by Skull Kaiser's words and sincerity.

We cut to Pythagoras squaring off against Gear Binder and his reduced forces (where episode 32 left off). All is quiet for a moment as the camera pans around, then Pythagoras finally breaks out laughing and tells Gear Binder to choose his course of action but to do it soon. Gear Binder reluctantly orders his three commanders to attack. They respond with bravado and provide a bit more sport for Pythagoras but each is defeated in succession. Pythagoras hasn't even broken a sweat and chides Gear Binder for wasting everyone's time. Gear Binder has no other resources. He tells Pythagoras that he's been charged with the task of bringing him back, that he'll fight himself if he must, but he's not leaving without Black Pythagoras. Pythagoras folds his arms and acknowledges that Gear Binder is no fighter, but if Gear Binder is going to insist, then he must provoke enough of a challenge to force the Black Spicule out, otherwise he (Pythagoras) isn't interested in anything other than pursuing his own acetic goals.

Just as Gear Binder resolves to do whatever he can, i steps up and tells him not to waste anyone else's time, that he'll provoke Black Pythagoras. Pythagoras smiles and says that this could be fun. i says he only has one idea on how to do this and he begins to crackle with energy. He says that he's been idle in his retirement and that some new challenges and sparring with old friends should be good for his spirit. Pythagoras chuckles and agrees. Pythagoras says he knows what i is up to, but that he still has to hit him. i laughs and says that Pythagoras isn't the only one who's kept up his training in retirement. i says that one strike will be enough and he won't even have to move. He does recommend to Gear Binder and to Luft Schloss that they retreat to the ship, which they do.

The energy crackling around i is getting out of hand and he asks Pythagoras if he's ready. Pythagoras answers only with, "Show me!" i shouts out "Spark Circuit!" and after some elaborate special effects, a monstrous lightning bolt strikes the ground, encompassing everything within a 5 meter radius from i - including Pythagoras. When the smoke clears, i is entirely unscathed. Pythagoras, though still standing, appears somewhat scorched; his body's smoking, and his head is bowed. The camera pans around him for a moment, then he raises his head up to scream at the heavens. Streams of black energy/vapor begin to swirl around him, and then enter his body turning him darker and darker. As his body becomes black, a horn begins to rise up from his forehead until he looks like a black, armored, anthropomorphic unicorn. He's still screaming and he raises up his right arm, pointing a single finger to the sky. Atop his index finger, a tiny black speck begins to coalesce, with the black energy/vapors entering it with more and more rapidity. The speck doesn't grow, however. Finally satisfied, Black Pythagoras pulls his hand away from the speck, grabs it in his fist, then takes one leap at i shouting, "This is it: Singularity Punch!!" i is startled by his opponent's speed and barely re-focuses his power in time. He takes the punch right in the face but doesn't balk in the slightest. The ground around them both however bowls out into a large crater causing Gear Binder's ship to fall over on one side. After a moment, the debris clears and Pythagoras, apparently calmed down, starts laughing hysterically. He exchanges words with i and seems to be a completely different person now, and not just cosmetically. i rubs his face plate and says it's been a long time since they've seen each other (as if they're just NOW meeting again) and the episode ends.

To Be Continued...

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