Monday, January 1, 2018

Episode 32 : Secret of the White Horse

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(In Hell)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 32 : Secret of the White Horse

The episode opens with Skull Kaiser helping Doubashira to his feet. Doubashira congratulates Skull Kaiser on his victory and apologizes for the uncomfortable but necessary events in this Hell. Skull Kaiser shakes his head and says that he just doesn't remember his past. He acknowledges Rutsubo's assurance that his memory loss is self-inflicted but wants to know why. What does it mean? What could be so terrible?

Before Doubashira can say anything, a new voice says that revelations will occur when Skull Kaiser is ready for them. The speaker identifies himself as Heiliger, Chief Minister to Lord Enma. He's clad in a form-fitting bodysuit of flexible, carved ivory. Skull Kaiser can see that he is a good man, but something about him seems strangely and inexplicably familiar. Heiliger explains that with 5 of the 8 Hells surpassed, it's time for a small break. He also tries to delicately explain the matter of Chuugun's petition.

Heiliger snaps his fingers, and suddenly, they are in an dark hall with an elaborately laid out banquet. Skull Kaiser removes his helmet and approaches the table at Heiliger's urging and then Heiliger explains that the next 2 Hells will be his most challenging. But before that, he must compete against Aurelius, Pompeii, and Drusus, three of Champagne's generals that Skull Kaiser killed

After more explanation from Heiliger we cut to the interior of Gear Binder's transport ship. They have just landed on Pythagoras's planet and Gear Binder is having a discussion with i who is standing smugly with his arms folded. i tells Gear Binder that he, the Machine General, was charged with returning Pythagoras. i is only as tall as Gear Binder's chest, his face is covered with an impenetrable glass lens and his head is crowned with an angular halo fixed at his shoulders that extends his height just over Gear Binder's. Standing nearby is Luft Schloss who has chalk white skin, a powerful build and who towers above Gear Binder. She's dressed in scant clothing that covers her private parts and she looks a lot like she belongs in some fantasy epic. She shrugs saying her powers would be of little use here.

We cut to a flashback of Samhain explaining Pythagoras to Gear Binder. His Artifact is the Black Spicule which is usually buried deep inside Pythagoras's skull. Even without the Black Spicule, Pythagoras is an incomparable fighter who's given himself up to the life of a hermit to train and improve himself and be one with the wild. When the Black Spicule is out, his manor changes and he becomes perversely evil—and 10 times more powerful than before. The trick is to provoke Pythagoras enough so that he's forced to call upon the power of the Black Spicule, then he's more amenable to Samhain's orders, but this usually results in a great deal of destruction.

We cut to outside the transport ship and an unending line of Machine Soldiers are marching out. This planet is stuck in continual night, there is a huge full moon that shines brightly, lighting the long, dead grass waving in the perpetual breeze. Gear Binder's three commanders are ordering the Machine Troops and they start to move out. One of the three commanders leading the troops studies the screen on a hand-held device and says that he's got a reading.

In a moment we hear the pounding of hoof beats and we can see about 20 ghostly white horses running ahead and among them is a powerful looking man with some piecemeal armor (helmet in particular) giving him the appearance of a great, white horse-man. The Machine Soldiers arrange themselves to encircle Pythagoras and the ghostly horses fade one by one as Pythagoras slows down to acknowledge the trespassers. Gear Binder explains their presence and asks Pythagoras to join them, but he simply says no. Gear Binder sighs and shakes his head—he knew it wouldn't be easy. He orders his soldiers to attack. Pythagoras easily handles the Machine Soldiers with very little effort and comments on the fragile construction Gear Binder employs. Gear Binder, incensed, orders all his remaining troops, not including his three commanders, to attack. Pythagoras responds very calmly by performing the Million Bakyaku Ken attack which sends out a stampede of phantom horses. Gear Binder's forces are shattered instantly and Gear Binder stares open-mouthed, noting that Pythagoras, if it's at all possible, has improved in his retirement.

To Be Continued...

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