Friday, January 5, 2018

Episode 36 : Accept Defeat, Drusus!

Skeleton General Skull Kaiser
(In Hell)

Skull Kaiser, formerly one of Samhain's greatest generals, stages a rebellion against impossible odds. The fate of countless worlds rests upon his ability to protect the Loss Queen and beat back her assailants. Along the way he is forced to fight old friends and make new allies...

Episode 36 : Accept Defeat, Drusus!

Skull Kaiser is fighting with Drusus. They are exchanging blows at a furious pace, but Skull Kaiser begins to outstrip his opponent. He avoids the tail strikes and by way of Heiliger's voice over, we discover that Skull Kaiser has pulled punches and strikes that would have floored Drusus. Skull Kaiser speaks up and says that Drusus should give up, that he could have ended the fight a number of times and he punctuates this by stopping a punch right in front of Drusus's face. Drusus sneers, curses, and sends his tail to strike Skull Kaiser in the face. Skull Kaiser blocks the stinger and leaps backward.

Heiliger steps up and tells Drusus to stop, that Skull Kaiser wasn't lying about the fight and the disparity of their skill. He criticizes Drusus for his inability to see this himself. Drusus spits out more curses and makes his hatred and bitterness plain. Heiliger shouts for him to be silent and to acknowledge his place.

Skull Kaiser then stands up from his crouch and says that he can handle the situation. He explains that it's his understanding that here in Hell, utter destruction is impossible since prolonged periods of horrible bodily punishment are the norm. He tells Drusus that he sought to spare him any more pain out of respect for his former position with the Loss Queen and as an effort to show Drusus that he had in fact changed since his days under Samhain. Skull Kaiser sees that Drusus only respects strength, and since he cannot adequately judge his own against others', Skull Kaiser will demonstrate strength and cripple him until Lord Enma sees fit to allow him to recover.

Drusus is livid. His eyes are wide and he grinds his teeth, unable to say anything. He starts to move to re-engage Skull Kaiser, but Skull Kaiser is already directly before him in a flash, punching him in the stomach to double him over. While Drusus is marveling at Skull Kaiser's speed, he wonders what Skull Kaiser is doing now rising up into the air behind him. Skull Kaiser, indeed, is rising into the air, but he takes hold of Drusus's tail, steps on his back and tears the tail off. Still rising into the air, Skull Kaiser lets go of the tail, turns and sets Drusus smouldering with the full power of the Kaiser Beam. Drusus falls down virtually dead and destroyed.

Everyone in the amphitheater is shocked by the speed and power of what they just witnessed. Heiliger silently applauds Skull Kaiser, but once again points out that his toughest challenges still await.

We cut to the interior of the Loss Tower where Merlot, with the aid of a video feed, is reporting the progress of Gran Mal to the Loss Queen. Agrippa is kneeling in attendance. Merlot explains that Gran Mal is now within range for them to intercept it and go forward with the plan to take out Titan Foiler. The Loss Queen asks Agrippa again if he's sure about undertaking this. He stands and with a broad, proud smile, assures her he is.

To Be Continued...

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