Friday, August 6, 2010

Ah, Vacation...

I've been on vacation for basically the last two weeks, and it's been great. I have no idea what day it is anymore! I met some friends for lunch/dinner, we took Faye to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Ai and I got out to see Inception (which was good) on my birthday, and I got a chance to really write, at least a little.

I had intended to start work on The Baker's Dozen, and I did do quite a bit of (re-)research, getting some things hammered out, but I just couldn't give up on the third Jav Holson book.

First, about that, I wanted to say that I am giving the series a title. A couple of people have mentioned that it's necessary and the fact was never lost on me (there's a story there, but it's boring and silly), so from here on out, tentatively, the Jav Holson books will be collectively titled Approaching Infinity. After going over lots and lots of ideas, this seemed the natural and appropriate choice that covers all angles and captures the overall feel of the series.

Now, not having given up on the third book, I have been able to write most of the first chapter. Still a little work to do and there's always polish, of course, but I'm fairly satisfied with what I've done so far. I think I might have some time today and maybe even a little tomorrow, so I should be able to say that I wrote chapter one during my vacation. That will please me.

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