Saturday, July 10, 2010

Changing Gears

While I haven't been exceptionally busy with the 3rd Jav Holson book in my limited free time, I have been brainstorming, plotting, and working out some of the details. I was getting ready to start in earnest, but two people have suggested that I shelf it for a bit and work on another stand-alone project, then see how well that would fare in the hunt for an agent.

So that means a return (for me) to The Baker's Dozen. I started developing this some time ago, the initial idea in late 2002, then revisiting in 2004 and 2006. I guess it's good I've chosen an even year for my return! Before, it suffered the same undefined format problems that Skull Kaiser did, but I think I'm ready to write it now. Billy Weiss will make his stand against the Baker's Dozen!

A number of benefits to doing this:
1. The Baker's Dozen is stand-alone.
2. It's YA (still SF) which will open up the possibilities for sale.
3. I'll send a strong message to terrorist groups who dress up as bakers.
4. I can try all the agents I've already queried all over again!

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