Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shades of Viscain

Ah, another shifting of the gears. Once I got back to work on August 9th, even though I did write during my vacation, I felt really motivated to write more.

It's quite difficult for me to find an uninterrupted block of time to write--which, I'm sure is true for lots of people--but I've started using my lunch hour to write on my iPhone. I was a little skeptical about this method at first, but it's proving to be quite productive. I don't write more than 250 words a day this way, but I am making headway.

And what I'm making headway with is a short story. I took my friend Robert's advice which was to write independent stories set in the same world as the Approaching Infinity books and try to sell them to magazines to build interest in the idea of a series. I should finish the story (Blue Squad: One Last Go) sometime in September.

My plan, which actually should be rather accomplishable (that doesn't appear to be a word, but hey, that's okay!), is to focus on other Shades and story lines that won't necessarily appear in any of the planned novels. There may be a few Blue Squad stories to come and I have ideas for at least two other stories more or less ready to go. One involves one of Lor Kalkin's teachers and another illustrates the strange relationship between Jav Holson and another Shade, a relationship of which Jav is completely unaware. There, that should be vague enough.

I've gotta go do the dishes.

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