Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Path to Loss: Progress Report 1

Approaching Infinity: Book Four
4,300 words

I thought I would need more of a break between finishing the last book and starting the new, but I was wrong, thankfully. I did realize, though, that the Approaching Infinity series, originally planned to be six books, would need to grow by one book. The Loss Queen, which would have been book 4, becomes book 5, and now we have The Path to Loss squeezing in between. It all works out nicely, I think, but I promise not to keep adding books in the middle to forever put off the ending. We are moving towards a climax and a conclusion (of sorts).

I was going to use some of the time between books to work on Expeditionary Squad, but as I have started on the next Approaching Infinity volume already, I'll try to work on both simultaneously. I haven't been very successful working on multiple projects at the same time in the past so keep your fingers crossed.

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