Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shades of Viscain

Ah, another shifting of the gears. Once I got back to work on August 9th, even though I did write during my vacation, I felt really motivated to write more.

It's quite difficult for me to find an uninterrupted block of time to write--which, I'm sure is true for lots of people--but I've started using my lunch hour to write on my iPhone. I was a little skeptical about this method at first, but it's proving to be quite productive. I don't write more than 250 words a day this way, but I am making headway.

And what I'm making headway with is a short story. I took my friend Robert's advice which was to write independent stories set in the same world as the Approaching Infinity books and try to sell them to magazines to build interest in the idea of a series. I should finish the story (Blue Squad: One Last Go) sometime in September.

My plan, which actually should be rather accomplishable (that doesn't appear to be a word, but hey, that's okay!), is to focus on other Shades and story lines that won't necessarily appear in any of the planned novels. There may be a few Blue Squad stories to come and I have ideas for at least two other stories more or less ready to go. One involves one of Lor Kalkin's teachers and another illustrates the strange relationship between Jav Holson and another Shade, a relationship of which Jav is completely unaware. There, that should be vague enough.

I've gotta go do the dishes.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Spring 2010: Query Letter, Wave 2 (Updated!)

It may be a bit premature to post this, but I tend to think not. I know agents are busy people and I mean no disrespect by this putting this up. This is just for the record.

Rejection (Actual)
05/29-06/28/2010 - Diana Fox of Fox Literary (query, 1st 5 pgs)
06/05-08/11/2010 - Jason Yarn of Paradigm Agency (query, 1st 10 pgs)
06/05-08/24/2010 - Amy Boggs of Donald Maas (query, 1st 5 pgs)
06/05-10/10/2010 - Amy Hayden of Linn Prentis (query, synopsis, 1st 10 pgs)

Rejection (No Reply (as yet))
05/29/2010 - Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown (query only)
05/30/2010 - Evan Goldfried of Jill Grinberg (query, 1st 50 pgs)
05/30/2010 - John Silbersack of Trident Media Group, LLC (query only)

That's a total of 21 queries. That's not so many considering all the agents out there. But, then again, I am limiting myself to email queries, and, I don't know, are there really that many outlets for science fiction? Anyway, I'm not giving up.

Ah, Vacation...

I've been on vacation for basically the last two weeks, and it's been great. I have no idea what day it is anymore! I met some friends for lunch/dinner, we took Faye to Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Ai and I got out to see Inception (which was good) on my birthday, and I got a chance to really write, at least a little.

I had intended to start work on The Baker's Dozen, and I did do quite a bit of (re-)research, getting some things hammered out, but I just couldn't give up on the third Jav Holson book.

First, about that, I wanted to say that I am giving the series a title. A couple of people have mentioned that it's necessary and the fact was never lost on me (there's a story there, but it's boring and silly), so from here on out, tentatively, the Jav Holson books will be collectively titled Approaching Infinity. After going over lots and lots of ideas, this seemed the natural and appropriate choice that covers all angles and captures the overall feel of the series.

Now, not having given up on the third book, I have been able to write most of the first chapter. Still a little work to do and there's always polish, of course, but I'm fairly satisfied with what I've done so far. I think I might have some time today and maybe even a little tomorrow, so I should be able to say that I wrote chapter one during my vacation. That will please me.