Tuesday, May 30, 2017

2nd Cycle

Finished up the 2nd 5-day cycle of treatment a week ago, Tuesday, and had my follow-up appointment on Friday. The treatment itself was postponed a day due to low blood levels. A shot of Zarxio and some excruciating pain later and my blood levels were back up to snuff. This time, I had less of an appetite and started experiencing some nausea, both of which persisted after discharge from the hospital. Was really tired and weak for the first few days back, and my blood levels had sunk quite low again by my follow-up appointment, so my doctor said to “hibernate” and “be very careful”. Check.

As of today, though, my energy level has increased, along with my appetite, and I’ve gone two days with no nausea. Most of my hair is gone, except for a hardy strain of fuzz. I go in for a blood test on June 3rd and get the results on the 5th. I’m hoping that feeling better is a sign that my blood levels have improved and that I’ll be ready for readmission on June 7th or 8th to start the 3rd cycle. Very ready to be done with all this and get back to a regular routine.

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