Saturday, September 8, 2012


After being defeated by the Waikiki Footlocker last weekend, I decided to take my chances and purchase a pair of AdiPure Trainers online. They arrived this morning, fit perfectly, and are a total trip (of the mental sort).

To celebrate my victory over brick and mortar, I went and practiced Bung Bo (from Taiji Praying Mantis Boxing) for the first time in 3 years. Needless to say, it kicked my butt, but was a great workout.

As of yesterday, my wife and I now have an official case number with US Immigration concerning her visa. According to their timetable, spouses are usually complete in 5 months. Woohoo! (Although, it may take me that long to find a suitable 2-bedroom place that'll accept a recent transplant who's been absent from the US for the last 10 years and can't manage to get a simple credit check because of it.) Anyway, that's good news!

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