Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Big Change: Phase 2

I am more than happy to report today that, shortly after I posted my progress report yesterday, I received a firm job offer.

It only took me a month and a half to land a job, and I suppose I shouldn't raise a single word of complaint, but I was shocked by the lack of response from employers. I didn't expect to get every job I applied for, but I thought I was at least worth a look in some of the cases. Apparently not. Or maybe it's just a fact of the economy we live in. I must say, though, that OfficeTeam and Olsten Staffing were particularly helpful to me in my search.

Anyway, I am now gainfully employed. That's what matters and what moves my family and I into Phase 2 of the Big Change. Now that I can prove to the US government that I have an income and can support my family, I can start taking steps to sponsor my wife's visa. Doing this over a long-distance triangle, with potential language barriers, and a number of high price tag filing fees to add to the stress of getting it right the first time simply means that I'll need to get it right the first time.

I've found that most people here in the States are unaware of how potentially difficult it is to sponsor a foreign spouse's visa. Everyone just assumes that if you're married it's automatic. I wish.


  1. And how naive we Americans be, not knowing our own laws, especially when it comes to immigration?

    I saw that the amount of jobs have increased but the news never specifically tells you in which area. :/ Glad you're all sorted!

  2. Well, luckily immigration isn't something that many people need to think about. Yeah, the unemployment rate here was supposed to be better than the national average, but still...

    Anyway, thanks!