Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to KDP Select (with Free Stuff!)

I thought the extra visibility Smashwords offered would be a plus over exclusivity at Amazon, but so far it hasn't been.

So I decided to return to KDP Select. On Monday, October 15th, just about all of my stuff will be free on here:

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Blood Solution: Progress Report 13

Approaching Infinity: Book Three
Word Count: 107,500

Oh so very close! I have no excuse not to finish the first draft by the end of this month, which actually, would be very fitting since, in a way, the Approaching Infinity world is my tribute to Halloween. If Hawaii doesn't work out, I'm going to have to find a place where it's fall all year round—that would be perfect!

With a tentative estimate of month's end for the first draft, I am hoping to make good on my promise for a 2012 release. I have the technology... (but keep your fingers crossed just the same.)