Monday, July 30, 2012

I Was Wrong...

In a post last December, I mistakenly wrote that stories (via the visual medium of movies and television) were, not always but in general, better told in the '80s than they are now. I want to retract that.

I think it goes without saying that every era has its greats. What it comes down to is that good is good. Some things are lost to obscurity before they can every really catch on, but that doesn't take away from their essential quality. Some things are firmly set in the time that produced them, making them difficult to suffer through at later dates, except maybe as cultural history lessons. Some things are enigmatic in that, logically, they never should have had the popularity they did. Some things just plain shouldn't have been made. I'll leave examples of each of these categories to you, the readers.

In any case, I like to think that I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong. And I most definitely was.

End of random thought.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Blood Solution: Progress Report 10.5

Approaching Infinity: Book Three
Word Count: 88,300
The Goal: 100,000

The weekend's only half over and I'm already off to a good start! I just completed chapter 17, which leaves four chapters to go, three of which will combine to form the main climax, the last will be wrap-up. Expected word count is up to a tentative 100,000. It shouldn't go much beyond that unless there's some as yet unknown dam in my head that cracks and lets loose a new and unforeseen flood. Hmm... Nah.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Call to Arms

This is an open invitation to anyone who's read any of my books or short stories to please feel free (and comfortable enough) to give feedback. Any feedback--good or bad, long or short, now or later--would be welcome and would help spread the word.

I've had a page up on Facebook (here), mostly neglected until recently, which might serve as a starting point. That's where the "like" button below the Amazon ad on the sidebar directs to.

Alternatively, reviews on Amazon or Goodreads (or other suggestions?) would also be very welcome.

A hearty thank you to all of those who've supported me so far and those who may do so in the future!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Blood Solution: Progress Report 10

Approaching Infinity: Book Three
Word Count: 80,600
The Goal: 90,000

6k words for June isn't bad, but I'm not happy about the irony of not writing enough before because I was worried about being out of work and not writing enough now because I am working. No excuses. Beginning is the hardest thing to do, and a single novel has countless beginnings. As I approach the end of The Blood Solution, the beginnings are becoming more challenging, but it really just boils down to sitting down and finishing.

In any case, I hope to have a completed first draft ready by August 1st. (You could hold your breath, but I wouldn't recommend it.)

If you haven't already, please take a moment to "like" me below or in the sidebar under the Amazon ad. It costs you nothing and aids me on my quest for fame. Or notoriety—really, either would be okay.